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There are a lot of European companies considering to shift their manufacturing base to China or other parts of Asia to increase their market competitiveness. However, this move requires very high investment and very long setup time (high entry barrier).

CTC and our subcontractors have very long and solid manufacturing experience in China. Our customers are satisfied with our delivered product quality and also with the knowledge of our project engineers who are the daily day communication links.

It is outmost important to us to provide the best possible customer service level in terms of product quality and delivery times at competitive prices. When starting up new projects we therefore initially work closely with our customers to setup a tailor made supply chain from China to them with a focus on those metrics.


When production is outsourced drawings and specifications typically need updating which is typically a time consuming task sometimes delaying the outsourcing process for a long time. CTC assist our customer in this task. We work together to define the quality level and our Engineering staff can do complete documentation based on customer samples alone or we can update existing documentation for our customers.

CTC Engineering has resources and knowledge to do conceptual and basic mechanical design work for our customers. Our experience range from projects for mass production of small plastic toys to medium sized welded constructions for maritime applications.
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Welded constructions
Machined parts
Metal sheet work
Die casts and plating
Plastic injected parts
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