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  CTC Engineering Ltd. is a Hong Kong based provider of customer specified products manufactured at our factory in China. We supply goods and services for companies in the European metal working industry where high quality made to order products are needed. We assist you to source cost and time efficiently in China.  
  Why choose us when you go to China?  
  Globalization and the fact that China has arisen as the world's factory place concern many European companies. Here we list pros and cons of different approaches:  
Known quality
Less effort to maintain quality level
Short lead time
No communication barrier
High direct and indirect costs
Suitable for specialized or new products where there might exist a comparatively high risk of illegal copying in China
Low purchased unit cost
Unknown lead time
High communication barrier
Different manufacturing/quality standards
Risk of poor quality of materials and workmanship
Companies can easily find very low prices from Chinese suppliers through the internet or exhibitions. However, other than the issue of prices, companies are required to put a lot more effort into assurance of quality and reliability.
Low cost for constant high order volume
Known quality and lead time
High entrance/exit barriers
Different work environments, cultures and languages
Requires a large initial investment and unexpected time to setup.
Requires a large initial investment and unexpected time to setup. Chinese regulations and local authorities are claimed to be inefficient and corrupt so it is not easy for foreign companies to startup and maintain profitable operations in China.
Low purchased unit cost
No setup costs
Fast startup
Known lead time

Quality delivered to agreed international standards and specific customer requirements

No communication barrier
CTC Engineering Ltd. Operates in open cost structures and provides 3 different business models supporting any approach our customers might prefer. Manufacturing, Technical Sourcing and Inspection Services.
The company is lead by Danish and Chinese engineers with hands on design and production experience from diverse industries world-wide.
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